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A Message from Bonnie

You were there for me last fall when I didn't know where to turn, when I had some difficult decisions to make, and needed help. Then you were a photograph, a name, an e-mail correspondence, a phone call, and a provider of so many resources. Your confident, knowledgeable words provided the answers I needed. Within a matter of weeks we went from being overwhelmed with mom's hospitalization and prognosis, to knowing how to check out home health care and skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. You did the leg work for us.

I have many friends who cried with me, prayed with me and were great listeners, but, Bonnie, you - a stranger - gave me answers and hope. I know all of us benefited from the resources you provided. I will continue to tell people about the wonderful experience we had with you.

Sincerely,  Kathy B

The last two months have been possibly the most intense and demanding ones in our lives. We cannot thank you enough for your kind and attentive care of our family's needs and especially those of our mother. You had a part in helping our mom and guiding us. As you might not always know what happens to your clients after you no longer see or hear from them or their families, we thought that you would like to read this and realize that we acknowledge and appreciate your kind and thoughtful help during our time of need.
                                                                                                                         Very truly yours, Anne A. and Family

The words “thank you” don't seem adequate to describe how much my family appreciates what you have done for us. Not only did I call you on a Saturday afternoon when your son was in town visiting, but you continued working through the evening to accommodate MY work schedule, giving me all I needed to find my mother a facility in a short amount of time. Your familiarity with the facilities in the area enabled me to shortlist my search, and your hunches of what might be right for my mother were flawless.

The stress of making sure my mother is well taken care of disappeared the minute I walked into the place. It felt like a home, which couldn't be a better feeling for a daughter. The stress also disappeared for my father, who feels that Rozana and her staff will take very good care of my mother, with lots of heart.  So, even though it doesn't seem like enough, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
                                                                                                                         Cynthia M.                            

I met Lou B. at a mixer last week, who said that you helped place his wife. He said, “If she had wings, she’d be an angel”, so obviously he thought very highly of you. Just thought you’d like to know he’s out there saying good things about you.

  Dick W., Certified Senior Advisor  

Many years ago, my mom told me that I saved her life by moving her from her home – where she was isolated and struggling – to a senior residence. I don’t know if I saved her life, but I am certain I saved her happiness. My mother, a social person, was freed from housekeeping, meal preparation and driving obligations, to enjoy a comfortable, safe and active life again.
In life we make many strategic moves for ourselves and our family. Each choice has its consequences. A Home That Cares comes from the idea that at critical junctures, knowledge is key in making the BEST choice.

The mission of A Home That Cares is to treat all families with the care and commitment that I would want for my own family

For the past week I've been saying a silent prayer of thanks to you for finding my mom's home. (I was there today.) Well, to say it in person: Thank you so much for providing a true home for my mom -- one she and I both love. I tell everyone I meet about your service .  Good luck saving the rapidly aging world. Oh, and thanks again. You really blessed our family with your priceless help.

Miriam F. 

My experience with you was wonderful. I will always remember your warmth, sense of humor and patience. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your service to anyone in need. Thank you again!!!

Kellie D.                 

I had been looking for a place for my brother and yet after seeing one care center after another I simply did not feel it was quite right. Then, I found the “angel”, Bonnie Davis, she had never spoken to me before, but sounded on the phone as if she has stopped everything else she was doing, and all her attention was on my call for help!

Within a few hours she had directed me to look at several places I simply could never have found by myself.
On the second day, she was reading my mind and suggested I look at something quite different, and lo and behold, she was right on track. The place was a one-on-one, 24-hour care center. The location was ideal between our home and the local hospital and within walking distance of everything my brother might need.

I am pleased to say that today my brother is moving in and could not be happier at the prospect of having actually met the caregivers there as they came to the hospital to meet him. He is just one of five people in the center. It is hard to believe.  Thank you Bonnie! Anyone who has the pleasure of dealing with you should always remember the important part you played in making someone's life so much better.

         Elliot L.  

Bonnie's Background

Bonnie was for many  years a top advisor with the largest free eldercare referral company in the nation.  In January 2017, she started her own company called A Home That Cares.  She has worked with over one thousand families during the past twelve years.  Her expertise is in helping each family find the best residential care option for their particular family member, based on social, medical, and budgetary constraints.  

Bonnie earned a BA from the University of Rochester and Graduate Studies in Social Work at Boston College.  Her career has included work in the human resources field and volunteering in the community, both at the Skirball Center and on staff with the Wagner Program at the American Jewish University.  She also has facilitated in training paraprofessional counselors.

Bonnie is certified as an Administrator for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, and has been on the Speakers Bureau for the Alzheimer's Association.  She works to support many local organizations serving seniors and speaks throughout the Los Angeles area.  Bonnie works closely with hospitals, discharge planners, social workers, fiduciaries, and care management professionals in the field.  Her services are free to families and are paid by residences licensed by the Dept. of Social Services.