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What We Do

Assessment:  We ask strategic questions to make sure we truly understand. We want to know not just the care needs, but also who we are dealing with. What would make your senior the most comfortable, happy and thriving?  

Location:  Where is the family located, and where is the support system in place? Are there multiple locations to consider if a move is necessary? Would home care suffice?

Constraints and Opportunities:  Are there funding sources that have not been considered, such as Veteran’s Benefits or Long Term Care Insurance policies?

Activities and Interests:  Are there activities or interests that have fallen by the wayside, but would be pursued if given the opportunity? What would enhance the life of this individual or couple? What family members or friends can help with the transition?

Tailor a Plan:  Based on the comprehensive assessment, we speak with you about specific resources available to your senior and family. An appropriate number of residential choices or home care providers are put forth for consideration.  

Touring:  With our guidance you become savvy consumers of eldercare resources. We help you to the degree you desire, every step of the way. Our goal is to save you stress, anxiety, time, energy, and money. We show you what to look for, and how to get your needs met.

Ongoing Support:  Need someone to talk to? We have years of experience, and can help you focus on what is most important to you. Our goal is to have you feel confident that you have made the best move possible.

We are there ... always ... for support with questions over the years.  We know care needs change over time, as do financial resources and other family considerations. We are a phone call away.